Park and museum are open DAILY 9 am – 6 pm.

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  • Tickets are available at the entrance counter.

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  • Delicious organic food and refreshing drinks – you’ll be served at your table in our lakeside restaurant (inside & outside).

  • We are looking forward to your visit!

Dinosaur Museum Altmühltal

– Museum hall air conditioned with renewable energy

Experience science – grasp knowledge – understand facts – that’s what the Dinosaur Museum Altmühltal is open for all year round. Here you can have an exciting time whatever the weather. From life-size, science-faithful replicas to exciting original fossils and fun hands-on activities, the dinosaur park in Bavaria has the best to offer for every prehistoric fan. A great experience for all groups and ages!

Latest Highlights


On the adventure trail through a beautiful natural forest, young and old go on an exciting journey through the ages of the earth. Over 70 life-size prehistoric animals bring the giants close enough to touch.

The museum hall, which is air-conditioned with regenerative energy, presents fossils and original skeletons, including world sensations such as the only original skeleton of a juvenile T.rex and the oldest Archaeopteryx.

For the break in between, we offer you a varied assortment of drinks, delicious meals in organic quality or coffee and cake in our restaurant.

Roofed hands-on activities for up-and-coming palaeontologists and several adventure playgrounds invite visitors to explore and discover.

Whatever the weather, a trip to the Dinosaur Museum is definitely worthwhile!


What was it like when pterosaurs, land dinosaurs and sea dinosaurs populated the earth? What happened to make the dinosaurs extinct? On the 1.5 km long adventure trail of the Dinosaur Museum, visitors embark on an exciting journey through the different eras of the earth and immerse themselves in 400 million years of evolutionary history. The more than 70 life-size replicas give you the feeling of being part of prehistory yourself. You can not only look at the mighty Brachiosaurus, the giant Diplodocus or the dangerous T. rex, but also touch them and learn to understand the well-founded scientific findings on the prehistoric giants at first hand.


Knowledge is also imparted through active experience at the Dinosaur Museum. You can experience the work of the palaeontologists by searching for fossils and million-year-old shark teeth yourself. The hands-on stations invite you to compare your own ideas about how big, how fast or how strong the dinosaurs were with your own abilities. Whether it’s racing or touching a dinosaur bone – knowledge about the time from the Palaeozoic era to the present day grows with every area you experience with us.


Those who need refreshment after the exciting encounters with the prehistoric giants and the million-year-old fossils can get it in beautiful nature in the restaurant by the lake or in the cozy forest beer garden. We offer our guests dishes in organic quality. Of course, vegetarian and vegan alternatives are available. Please contact us if you have any food intolerances or allergies. Playgrounds within sight of the restaurant delight children of all ages, while adults can relax and enjoy their break.

At a glance

World sensations – the only skeleton of a young T. rex, an original prehistoric bird and the giant flying dinosaur Dracula

1.5 km round walk – barrier-free (except for access to one exhibit)

Real fossils – dig them out yourself and keep them

Experience science get in touch with primeval times

Two large playgrounds – each within sight of our gastronomy.

Regional and sustainable gastronomy, almost exclusively in organic quality.

Tickets are available at the entrance.

Forest beer garden – for a relaxed snack break in the middle of an idyllic clearing

Free parking for cars, bikes & co.

Museum shop – suitable souvenirs for every dino fan

Large selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes

Getting there – directly on the A9

Bus connection – conveniently directly to the entrance

Dogs welcome


The Dinosaur Museum Altmühltal is only 2 kilometres from the motorway. There is sufficient parking space for cars and buses. Those who use the public transport system can reach us by bus from Ingolstadt main station. The grounds are built barrier-free except for access to one exhibit.

Dogs are allowed on a leash.

Opening hours

Admission prices

Prices per person. Tickets available at the entrance.

Payment by debit and credit card is possible everywhere in the park and museum.
+49 84 66 – 90 46 813
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay on site with my EC or credit card?2021-06-17T16:07:49+02:00

Yes, EC and credit card payment is possible everywhere in the park and museum.


You are welcome to bring your dog with you on a day trip to our park, except for the so-called list dogs and fighting dogs. Please keep the dogs on a leash and bring a dog bag.


Free parking is sufficiently available. Here is also enough space for buses or vans in case of a group excursion.

Charging station for electric vehicles2021-06-17T16:44:18+02:00

We are working on the development of a charging infrastructure. As soon as this is available, we will inform you here.


Unfortunately, the overnight stay with your camper or caravan on our parking lot is not allowed by the authorities. If you are looking for a parking space, have a look here.

We want to celebrate a children’s birthday at the Dinosaur Museum. Is that possible?2021-06-17T16:46:28+02:00

We offer various children’s birthday arrangements. Here you can find an overview of the offers.

Lost property – what should I do if I have forgotten or lost something?2021-06-17T16:48:37+02:00

You lost something during your visit to the Dinosaur Museum? We will try to find your lost items as soon as possible. Just fill out the lost and found form with the most important information and we will get back to you.

Are children allowed in the park unaccompanied by an adult?2021-06-17T16:51:39+02:00

Are your kids between 8 and 14 years old and want to go out on their own with their friends? No problem, just keep the following in mind:

Fill out the liability release statement for your child/children, sign it and hand in the statement along with a copy of the parent/guardian’s ID at the ticket office in the Dinosaur Museum. There the declaration will be deposited and will be valid for further visits of your children in the current year. You can get the form “Declaration of exemption from liability” here or at your first visit at the cash desk to fill out.

Is the park open even in bad weather?2021-06-17T16:52:12+02:00

Even in rainy weather our park is open. We only reserve the right to close the park due to extreme weather conditions (e.g. very strong thunderstorms, storms, very heavy snowfall). Daily updated information can be found on our homepage.

Can I leave the park during the visit?2021-06-17T16:52:51+02:00

Leaving the park is possible for a limited period of time. Please contact the ticket office staff, from them you will receive a stamp for re-entry.

From what age is the Dinosaur Museum Altmühltal suitable for children?2021-06-17T16:54:08+02:00

The park and the museum are a world of experience for the whole family. Children as young as 2 years old can enjoy a great recreational experience here.

Admission fees2021-06-17T16:57:24+02:00

The current prices & ticket categories can be found in the price overview.

I booked my ticket for the wrong day. Can I change this again?2021-08-10T14:45:54+02:00

Yes, you can change tickets to a new date of your choice for a service fee of €2 per ticket. The regulations on revocation and the right of return for distance selling contracts are not applicable to ticket purchases due to § 312g para. 2 p. 1 no. 9 BGB. This means that a two-week right of revocation and return does not exist.

It’s your birthday?2022-01-11T15:02:33+01:00

On your birthday, you have free admission to the Dinosaur Museum. This offer applies to both children and adults. All birthday children who have their birthday on one of our days off may make up for their free admission on the following weekend.

Guided tours2022-04-21T12:13:06+02:00

We offer exciting guided tours for school classes and groups. These last between 60-90 minutes. Ask our visitor service for your preferred date.

As an Annual Pass holder, do I need a reservation or a €0 ticket?2022-08-30T11:03:23+02:00

As an annual pass holder, you no longer need a reservation/ a 0€ ticket.
Please just show your annual pass at the entrance.


Das Dinosaurier Museum hat sein Führungsangebot weiterentwickelt und bietet auch Führungen für Gehörlose in Gebärdensprache an. Auf Anfrage können Gruppen bis maximal 20 Personen 90-Minuten-Touren buchen, die von professionellen tauben “Signern” geführt werden.

Weitere Infos/Anmeldung hier.

Can I buy tickets online?2023-01-01T14:30:27+01:00

No, tickets can currently only be bought at the entrance counter.

How do I redeem a free ticket?2023-01-30T09:43:14+01:00

Please bring the free ticket voucher with you on the day of your visit and present it at the entrance box office.

We bought dated day tickets and yet we can’t come – what now?2023-02-02T11:14:22+01:00

If something comes up between your booking and your visit to the Dinosaur Museum Altmühltal, you do not need to change your tickets to another date. You can simply come to the entrance box office with the originally booked tickets on the new date of your visit.

What do I do if I accidentally deleted my online ticket or did not receive an e-mail?2023-02-02T11:15:46+01:00

Be sure to print out your order confirmation with the order number at the end of the ordering process. If you lose your online tickets, you can bring this document with you on the day of your visit and present it to your colleagues at the entrance. Your tickets can be reissued there.

If you have also deleted or lost the order confirmation, you can contact us here. We will be happy to send you the tickets again, if they are still valid.

I am an ADAC member2023-07-26T14:03:27+02:00

ADAC members receive a discount on day tickets (e.g. adult and children’s day tickets; family tickets). To receive this, the ADAC membership card must be presented at the entrance ticket office when purchasing tickets.

Ich bin Pressevertreter:in und habe ein Anliegen2023-08-10T18:48:21+02:00

Für Presseanfragen steht unser Team unter presse@dinosauriermuseum.de zur Verfügung.

Sind die Räumlichkeiten des Dinosaurier Museum Altmühltal für Firmen-Veranstaltungen buchbar?2024-01-11T12:36:51+01:00

Die Räumlichkeiten (z.B. Museumshalle, Restaurant, Jurte) können für Veranstaltungen (wie z.B. Firmenfeiern, Sommerfeste, Tagungen, Weihnachtsfeiern) gebucht werden. Gerne steht das Gästeservice & Veranstaltungen-Team für Anfragen unter info@dinosauriermuseum.de zur Verfügung.


If the change of clothes, sunscreen and drinking bottles for the day trip no longer fit in the bags, you can borrow a handcart at our Take-Part-Activities-Desk (limited availability).

We are already looking to expand this offer for the 2024 season. You may also bring your own handcart.


The park is built barrier-free except for access to one exhibit – so a visit with wheelchairs or strollers is no problem.
The catering and store areas are also barrier-free accessible.

Guests with disabilities2024-02-06T16:40:38+01:00

The Dinosaur Museum offers reduced admission prices on presentation of a disabled pass.

One accompanying person per disabled child is admitted free of charge.

If an adult’s disabled pass states that an accompanying person is required, this person will also receive free admission.

We offer guided tours in sign language for deaf visitors. Information and registration: dinosaurmuseum.de/en/deaf

Can I bring motorised or non-motorised means of transport?2024-06-10T18:06:28+02:00

Thank you for refraining from riding and taking along balance bikes, bicycles, e-scooters, scooters, Segways and the like.
This is not possible in the museum and park for your own safety.